A Step in the Right Direction

What to bring

We provide a cubby for your child’s belongings which is where they are kept during the day. Each day can you please bring with you.

  • Clothes
2 full changes of clothes, and shoes
  • Nappies​

Enough nappies for the day, you are welcome to leave nappies here as the children have named nappy cubbies. We will advise you when they are getting low.

  • Formula
A bottle and formula if your child requires a bottle during the day
  • Toy

Any snuggly toys that you child may need as comforters during sleep time

  • Sleep
Your child will sleep on a stretcher bed after lunch. All stretchers are made up with freshly washed sheets and a polar fleece blanket in the winter. You are more than welcome to bring sleep sacks, a cuddly, or other comforting items to help your child settle to sleep.